Flusk has turned FREE for Agencies 💰

Hi Bubble friends,

Today, we’re announcing a big news at Flusk. :tada:
(for the latecomers to the party, here’s what Flusk can do for your agency in 3 minutes :film_projector:)

As an agency (or a freelancer), you can now secure and monitor your entire pool of applications for $0/month.

It seems to good to be real, but Santa Claus was late. :santa:t3:

If you’re interested, feel free to answer this thread and I’ll get in touch by DM :envelope_with_arrow:


I love the video…did you guys do all the editing yourselves or did you hire somebody for that?

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Appreciate the comment :partying_face:
It’s all made in-house, using mainly Screen Studio - absolutely amazing, and Adobe Premiere for the final editing.
Could provide more details if you want:)