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Focus Group overlaps group beneath it

I am dealing with the following two problems:

1 - Focus Group doesn´t accept a maximum width, and as such doesn´t behave in line with the element used to toggle the focus group, any possibility of changing this behaviour?

2 - The Focus Group overlaps the group beneath it. I want the group below my focus group to be pushed down as soon as I toggle the element, but instead my focus group overlaps the group below it. How to adjust this?

Thanks guys!

I believe Focus Groups float on the page above the other elements, so in their current implementation, I don’t see how you can accomplish 2. You can use a regular group, hidden by default, then show it on click. If you have the “Collapse this group’s height when hidden” flag turned on, it should achieve number 2.

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You’re a life saver. I will check up on it as soon as I’m home from work.

Regular group worked as a charm, thanks