Font awesome icons is only solid

I want to be able to use regular icons instead of solid icons.

If I use the built-in icons they are all solid. If I use icons in dynamic fields with bb-code [fa]smile[/fa] they are also solid. I tried with [far]far-smile[/far] and [fa]far-smile[/fa] to get regular icons but it did not work.

Is there some secret hidden undocumented feature to make icons regular? :wink: -)

The funny thing is that icons are always regular in the bubble editor and solid in the web app…

I gave up using font awesome and google material icons as in the past I regularly had issues with them not rendering on the page. At the time it was a known issue and I am unaware if it has ever been resolved. Because of that I resorted to using pngs or svgs. I use this site

which was recommended by another bubble user to avoid issues with icons. Now I download the SVG file and use the image element and upload it as a static image…I guess you could also just save them as option sets now…If you choose to upload them as static image try to keep track of their URL so that they don’t get uploaded individually each time to you file manager…despite the SVG small size it could add up unnecessarily.

Using this site has enabled me to find some “custom” icons that fit into my project much better than the generic icons from font awesome and google material icons.

The downside is the time spent searching for the icons you want, needing to download them in different colors for each instance you would change the color since the image element doesn’t provide color choices.

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Ah, yes It was very strange experience to use the built in icons. I ended up downloading one regular smiley SVG from font awesome then changed color in it internally and added it as an image.