Fonts in Non-Chrome browsers

Hi All

Question about fonts. I guess I haven’t done enough cross-browser testing. I’m using one of the built-in themes which uses the Lato font. It looks great in Chrome:

However, here’s how it looks in Firefox:

Look how crappy the headings are. They look like something from 15 years ago. Web 1.0. Looks great in Chrome, terrible in any other browser. I’ve tried Edge, Firefox, Safari.

Is this some kind of Google thing? Is it a Google font that only looks good in Chrome?

Anyway, those questions don’t matter.

My question really is: what font in Bubble is everyone using that looks good in all browsers? I used what seemed to me to be a Bubble default - it’s Bubble’s theme, after all - and it only looks good in Chrome. I do all my work and testing in Chrome, and I was always very pleased with the way it turned out. Then I looked at a user’s screen shot and wondered why it looked like that …

As I embark on more projects with Bubble as my platform, this feels important. It doesn’t matter how good your (no-)code is, if the interface doesn’t look good. If it looks shoddy, you’re going to struggle to convince users that it isn’t.


But… these images seem identical. :man_shrugging::thinking:

Zoom in, there’s a very distinct difference … :slight_smile:

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