Bubble Bugs On Windows?


I’m not sure what’s causing these things, but here they are…

This is what I see when loading any page within Bubble. Different codes with different pages.

And here is how it looks when in an app. A bit cut off, that…code is there and under each section like “Visual elements” on the left, there is a huge blank chunk of nothingness.

Also, this font style is static regardless of alterations in design and preview views.

I’m using Windows 7 on Google Chrome without any visually changing extensions added. I’ve tried a fresh Firefox as well. I do not recall any issues at first about a month ago. This also happens on another Win7 PC on Chrome. Everything seems perfectly fine on my Mac with Chrome.

Thank you!

I don’t have any of these challenges on Windows 10 with Chrome 60. Have you played around with the responsive settings?

I also don’t have any issues on either of my Windows machines. That’s really strange.

Using windows 10 on two machines and it is working fine here.

I have noticed the Fonts being ‘off’ sometimes, but usually this just takes a second and if fixes itself when I have seen it. Assume it is just loading the font style

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