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Form validation - frontrunning Bubble native workflow

Hi all -

Wondered if someone could help me with something I’ve been struggling with.

I am using the Rich Text Editor plugin. I have clicked the “This input shouldn’t be empty” checkbox. However, there is not a field in the conditions to format it when it “isn’t valid”.

When I click the “submit” button to submit the form when the Rich Text Input is empty, the workflow doesn’t fail, but it just doesn’t run and appears to run a Bubble native workflow (goes to the highest input on the page which isn’t valid, and triggers the condition for each element with an “isn’t valid” formatting condition).

What I’d love to know is how to add a step in that automatic bubble workflow, so that I can set a state which says that the user has tried (and failed) to submit the form, and then I can use that state to conditionally format the Rich Text Input.

Anyone know how to do that?