Input "...should not be empty" validation not working

Hi all,

I need some help in using bubble capability of setting an input field as mandatory.

I am trying to use the Bubble out of the box capability to highlight an input text field in red to indicate that the input is mandatory, but also to show a message to state this.

To my pageI have added an input with “Content Format” of “Text” and set the “This input should not be empty” to be checked. I believe that this will ensure that text has to be entered. Please the following:

Next I set up an Actions for when the submit button is pressed. This checks if the submit button was pressed. Then the first step in the workflow shows a message if the input “isn’t valid”. See below:

When I test this by leaving the input field empty Bubble does not highlight the input field in red and also the alert message does not show. Please see following:

Would love help in understanding why Bubble does recognise that the input field is empty and therefore not valid and why the input is not highlighted in red and the message is not shown.


Just a quick update …
If I change the event workflow to check for empty rather than isn’t valid, then bubble highlights the input field in red but still does not show the alert message.
This suggest to me that we have to give Bubble a reason to check if the input is valid rather than assume it checks on form submission. However, Bubble then seems to exist the workflow as soon as it recognises a validation error and therefore does not show the alert message I need to show to the viewer …
Any help on making this work would be great