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Format fields of API return data


I am wondering if it’s possible to format fields of data returned by API endpoints? This is what bubble’s API endpoint returns at the moment:

And the start_date is a unix timestamp - what if I want to return this field in the format “Feb 11, 2017”? Is that possible?


For the unix timestamp, you can use a timestamp converter to get in back in the normal format:

Right. But is it possible to define the format of a field returned by the API endpoint? Which is here:

As far as I know, Bubble will import the unix format (date since 1970 in milliseconds) to a date, so converting it first shouldn’t be necessary. Once it is stored in the database as a date, it can be displayed in your own format and timezone.

I think to specify individual parts of the job, you might need to remove job as a parameter, and add the others, example “start_date” as date, “title” as text.

There are some samples from different people trying this in:

I suggest searching this forum for “endpoint”, this has been discussed before.