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Formatting Chart Labels as Currency

Hi y’all,

I am attempting to visualize sales data over a specified interval of time. The chart is populating correctly, but I want to alter the y-axis label as a currency, rather than as a number (I was $1,000,000 and not 1000000). When I try formatting the numbers as a currency, an error arises. I hope y’all might have a workaround for this issue. Thank you for your help.

// The above image’s error reads: “formatted as text.”

Screenshot_2020-06-09 Bubble Editor - Omniliftv01
// These are the formatting preferences I’ve stated.

// I’m working with daily sales records, so I grouped them by quarters.

any solution for this?

Hey @aadavis2890 ,

i have some points as solutions. I have not used the charts till now.

  1. in your database if have given ‘Currency’ as data type to WeeklySales then i don’t think it will need to be formatted here.
  2. chack the ‘Customise tooltip number formating’, you will get the bellow options

    try it.
    I Hope this will help you.

Just let me know what are the results.

oh okay then to need format in database as currency

hey @alang.zul ,
did it work for you??

This makes the change to the amount in the graph but not the Y Axis. Anyone know how to change the Y-axis?