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Formatting for Input Controls

I am starting to build a CRM app and have decided top opt for auto binding controls to database fields (I have always preferred this approach to having serrate input forms). This leaves me with the problem of formatting numbers in the Input controls - at the moment the turnover field looks like this for example:

Ideally this would show thousand separators and decimal point and (maybe) a currency symbol.

In previous apps I have built, I have had trouble with currency symbols being manually created per control (or sometimes field in the database) as is the case with Bubble. This is a problem if you have customers in different countries using copies of your app.

Would it be possible to change currency symbol to be Dynamic - so that they can be set from a field in a Configuration table, for example?

The alternative to this (which I have resorted to before) is to display a separate text element before the currency field - but this is less elegant looking.