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Formatting text elements as currency and calculating formulas

Hi - 2 questions below - thank you!
(1) this seems like a stupid question but I’ve searched around without much luck. I’m currently using a text element to pull dynamic data in that I want formatted as currency. The data field is set as a number but it’ll still pull in as e.g. 1250 instead of $1,250. I’m able to show the same field as an input element with “initial content” as the number displayed as currency, but not a text element. Any suggestion?
(2) I’m also trying to calculate simple formulas in text elements, but using the ‘formula’ option only pulls up 4 irrelevant options… for example, I’d like to calculate profit as Revenue (text element) minus Cost (text element). For example, revenue of $1,000 minus Cost of $400 spits out Profit of $600. Any suggestions on this?

Thank you very much!

  1. use formatted as: at the end

  2. you must pull your variables from Input elements, not Text elements

robert - thank you. For the first question, do I put this directly at the end of the appearance in the text element (screenshot below), or do I open up the rich text editor or ?

Yes, put it at the end.


What type of element is that? I don’t have that option for my text element (screenshot below)

It is the conditional tab on a text element.

On your screen shot, the “click” target should allow you to add the formatted as to the end.

Robert - when I select click in my screenshot, I’m already displaying the options that come up - ‘formatted as’ isn’t one of them. So where do I get this done? Within the appearance tab or the Conditional tab?

Just realized your mention of the conditional tab was in reference to your screenshot. I’ve done that also but the ‘formatted as’ option only allows me to format as number with yes/no option… I’m trying to have it set as a currency. I’ve been able to do it with the Input element so that may be my best option…?


Hi Robert - I just saw this. Thank you for following up on this and finding a solution!

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