Displaying numbers as currency

I am returning data to a text field for display purposes, not input. The field type is number, but when I return the value as text I want it to display as currency.

Data: 145623

What I would like to see in my text box: $145,623

Input fields do this nicely, but this is a read-only use case in a repeating group.

Any easy way to do this? If the answer is no, any suggestions on a hard way to do this? I feel like I must be missing something painfully obvious.

After the number value, click “more” and select the :formatted as modifier. You’ll be able to format number as currency with a few settings within that window.

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Very helpful, thank you! I knew there was a way, but I’ve noticed formats seem to live in different places depending on the type of element, so I wasn’t sure.

Much appreciated! :grinning:

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