FormulaJS library to Bubble HTML or plugin integration

Hi there,

Have you ever used the FormulaJS library in HTML elements with Bubble? Does it work? Below is a link to the library and an explanatory video to build a “Calculator Builder” on Bubble with the idea of taking the 300 formulas of this library and using the inputs filled by the user in frontend on Bubble so “dynamic data”. It is done only with HTML element and conditionals (so 300 conditionals) or via a plugin Toolbox or something else?

I cannot find anything in Bubble forum or among my local no-code community! I checked plugins, HTML element but not possible to connect a full JS library of 300 formulas!

Is the only solution to develop a plugin to integrate FormulaJS?
Thanks for your enlightenment!

Hey mate,
Yes, it is possible to connect but I don’t see any other way to do it other than with a custom plugin. Looking at the library, it provides two ways to do this, creating a visual plugin or creating a plugin using SSA. If it’s something private, you can take exactly what formulas you’d like and apply it to a private plugin and maintain it. If you want to make it available to people, you’d have to spend some time making and testing it! But yes it can be done!
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