Excel Formula Plug-in - Complex calculations made simple

For those of you who missed my previous post about dynamic form creation and some of challenges that took place you can have a read here

For everyone else I am pleased to announce a new plug-in that will allow anyone to integrate over a 100 Excel Formula in there app at a click of a button.

The plugin is under Beta release and can be found here (Best Viewed on a PC)

Formalize - Excel Formula Plugin for Bubble

Take it for a test drive with the form builder here

Bubble - Visual Programming


Hi @AliFarahat,

maybe need to update the plugin version in the demo? And “dial” thing, how it works?

Will do thanks, I will remove the dial as it uses another plug-in but the concept is the same as the range slider

I would have to say this is probably top 10 most confusing thing that I’ve ever seen in my life. I get the Excel like functions, but everything else felt like Napster_v.000001

Hehehe, why do you say that? If you need help just ask

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I tried to use the popup server calculation, where it is?

Also, as anyone can add a question, it is challenging to understand it (I erased bad ones and rename some to make more sense). But there’s no relation with Excel calc at this level.

ps: still version 0.2
ps2: show to people they can scroll for more functions.


Hey @JohnMark

Yes your right, that’s what happens when you just change the plan on the app from Agency to Hobby! I did some patching up and removed the commercial plugin. Also due to limitations on the Hobby plan i removed the preview page. But should still convey the message

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Hi @AliFarahat, the plugin is just what I need. Can you explain the syntax with functions like Correlation (CORREL()).

Would it be like this: CORREL([x,y,z],[a,b,c])?

Hey @lowcodeUSbuilder

I am not sure if that formula is supported. Under the plug-in exposed state you should see a list of all supported formulas. Did you check there?

CORREL is on the list; just not understanding the array syntax. i.e. in excel, it’s =CORREL([A2:A5,B2:b5).


Sorry I don’t have too much experience with CORREL You can always check out the GitHub for this library maybe something here can help

I just want to chime in to say, that if this plugin works as well as I hope it does, it is definitely a game changer as it is many many times more powerful than Math Js and others like it.

Will be testing this in the next few days, I just hope all the math will work as well as it should.

Hey @ian2

How did your testing go?


Nicely done. I’m interested in saving dynamic formulas for each user. I don’t need the form builder yet.

If I want to store a dynamic formula for a user, can it be done? Example: calculate price base on current users formula saved in DB.

Phenomenal plugin! I use so many formulas in my app that this plugin solves so many of my mathematical needs…but dates can be a bear to work with, in Bubble as well as Excel.

Although I struggled with YEARFRAC to use in place of a missing “hidden” Excel function called DATEDIF the difficulty had to do with the formatting of the dates that Bubble hands off to the formulas more than anything else. This is good method for finding the difference between two dates in Months or Years…not so good with Days, at least not that I was able to determine.

To make YEARFRAC work you need to serialize the dates, as they are in Excel, and with this plugin, you can do that with DATEVALUE which converts dates to a serialized number. However DATEVALUE serializes TEXT values, and in Bubble, Dates are NUMBERS (at least as far as the plugin is concerned) so it is critical that you use quotes surrounding the field names. This presents the date NUMBER as a TEXT value to the function in order to work properly. In Excel the date field would be formatted as TEXT for the formula to work, in Bubble you need to convert it with quotes.

The final solution looks like this. This solves for months, remove the *12 if you need years:

Hi - I am looking to make a Retirement calculator app in Bubble. It has many formulas such as compound interest, present value/ future value etc. Will your plugin help with that? If so I will download it.

Can the plugin handle repayment with residual calculations?

@AliFarahat this plugin is showing as “depreciated” , do you have plans to updated before the March expiration?

Hey @Bubbleboy

Are you sure!? I upgraded it

Can you send me screenshot of the dropdown showing the version number please

Hi @AliFarahat thanks for the reply.