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Excel Formula Plug-in - Complex calculations made simple

For those of you who missed my previous post about dynamic form creation and some of challenges that took place you can have a read here

For everyone else I am pleased to announce a new plug-in that will allow anyone to integrate over a 100 Excel Formula in there app at a click of a button.

The plugin is under Beta release and can be found here (Best Viewed on a PC)

Formalize - Excel Formula Plugin for Bubble

Take it for a test drive with the form builder here

Bubble - Visual Programming


Hi @AliFarahat,

maybe need to update the plugin version in the demo? And “dial” thing, how it works?

Will do thanks, I will remove the dial as it uses another plug-in but the concept is the same as the range slider

I would have to say this is probably top 10 most confusing thing that I’ve ever seen in my life. I get the Excel like functions, but everything else felt like Napster_v.000001

Hehehe, why do you say that? If you need help just ask

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I tried to use the popup server calculation, where it is?

Also, as anyone can add a question, it is challenging to understand it (I erased bad ones and rename some to make more sense). But there’s no relation with Excel calc at this level.

ps: still version 0.2
ps2: show to people they can scroll for more functions.


Hey @JohnMark

Yes your right, that’s what happens when you just change the plan on the app from Agency to Hobby! I did some patching up and removed the commercial plugin. Also due to limitations on the Hobby plan i removed the preview page. But should still convey the message

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Hi @AliFarahat, the plugin is just what I need. Can you explain the syntax with functions like Correlation (CORREL()).

Would it be like this: CORREL([x,y,z],[a,b,c])?

Hey @benjamin.a.leaf

I am not sure if that formula is supported. Under the plug-in exposed state you should see a list of all supported formulas. Did you check there?

CORREL is on the list; just not understanding the array syntax. i.e. in excel, it’s =CORREL([A2:A5,B2:b5).


Sorry I don’t have too much experience with CORREL You can always check out the GitHub for this library maybe something here can help

I just want to chime in to say, that if this plugin works as well as I hope it does, it is definitely a game changer as it is many many times more powerful than Math Js and others like it.

Will be testing this in the next few days, I just hope all the math will work as well as it should.

Hey @ian2

How did your testing go?