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Frames ― A modular design system for Bubble

Great idea!!!

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That was our mantra from day one Jake.

To keep this lean and inline with the Bubble canvas. Less bloat, more productivity and of course responsive design > debunked!


Glad you like it Chris :relaxed:


Sure, already in development and will start to be dropped in the panel shortly.

Please keep an eye on this thread and our Twitter for daily drops/updates.


Thanks for the feedback Chris. :grinning:

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Yeah @jameore is on it and also testing with the new responsive editor.

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Thanks Jake

Looks great and going to test it out! Like others mentioned, some sidebar elements will be appreciated as I am making a dashboard app too. Going to bookmark this!


Yes, Gregory and James are awesome designers and talented educators who taught me everything about Bubble design.

But when you outgrow them and need to expand your design into a new level - hello, Comic Sans - you gotta integrate Openbuild in the mix.

Seriously: thanks you dudes for all your work and help.


Thanks Rico, appreciate it man :zap:

Look at that, openBuild and Frames getting on nicely. :clap::clap::clap:


This is so neat. I probably didn’t need to rebuild the front page of, but couldn’t resist trying this out on an actual project. I previously had a mobile version of the index, so this is going to save me plenty of time in keeping it updated :smile:

Thank you!


Looking :ok_hand:t3:

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Hey! Congrats, it looks great!

I’ll try this, for sure.


Hey guys! Really great product as everyone else is saying.!

I will use it right now more as a reference because I had my landing page built but having a good example on responsiveness will help a lot to accelerate the process!

I can share them with you next week if you want.

From another point, this idea of letting the community contribute with modules could be great!

You should look into
It’s an app for making illustrations by changing different parameters of an illustration and they invite illustrators for creating more content and then publish more content for their users.

It think if you manage to allow the community to upload different modules and expand this not just with simple UI and include even animations or some transitions in conditionals could improve bubble community in the design aspect.

Because if the product doesn’t get improved more in this area i think it has the risk to be just a collection of static templates and therefore people will be creating just plain static boring landing pages without anything that makes them stand out from the crowd.
And those type of landing pages, there’s enough already in the internet nowadays.

I really look forward to see what direction you will take and I would more than happy to provide more feedback :slight_smile:

Congratulations for your product!


Thanks @design.agx

This is v1 of the product (marketing elements) and we’ve intentionally kept it simple as we believe we are solving one of the biggest problems with Bubble, responsive layouts. It’s not about ‘static’ pages (which all marketing pages should be), it’s about page structure.

You can think of Frames as Bootstrap for Bubble. Responsive layouts to help with page structure. It’s up to you, the user, to brand it and add the images/ colour and type to match your business.

If the community feedbacks that they want more completed designs, then we’ll explore that. Thanks for highlighting the idea. :+1:


Just checked your site and it works a dream, right down to iPhone 320px - good work :zap:

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Thanks for your suggestions Sebastian. Some valid ideas!

Please keep them coming as you evaluate Frames and we would :heart: to see what you are cooking up.

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Good job guys! Built a sleek landing page in minutes. Will definitely be using this for projects in the future.


This is what I like to hear. :grinning: