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Frames from Buildcamp

Others would have been advised of via Buildcamp.
So, I wonder if this capability is complementary to the upcoming new Bubble editor or if it is an alternative approach.


It’s similar toe open build… very similar

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We will be working with Bubble to ensure Frames is fully compliant with the new responsive editor. Full details and roadmap to be announced shortly.


Thanks @jameore.
When you say “compliant” does that mean that a Bubbler could switch from the new Bubble responsive editor to Frames and back again to take advantage of different capabilities?

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Morning Mark, I think that is a fair assumption but cannot give you a cast iron guarantee as there is a lot to think about in terms of new functionality. Remember this is a free product so our time is currently limited.

What I can tell you is this… we are working with the new responsive editor and whichever route we decide to go down, Frames will push Bubble boundaries as we explore novel and creative ideas.


Thanks for the explanation and it looks like you’ve done your research.
Either way, this sounds like a fantastic advancement.
Responsive mobile design is a critical aspect of any platform and your contribution will be greatly appreciated.