Bubble's New Responsive editor launches today

We’re excited to announce that Bubble’s new Responsive editor is now officially LIVE for wide release! This means that all new apps created will be using the new Responsive rules, editor controls, and features, starting today.

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:tada: Congrats!

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Well done!

What a great way to celebrate Bubble’s 10th Anniversary :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Love the new responsive editor - but I continue to be shocked that there is no way to vertically align containers within a column. This seems like a big oversight or else I’m using it wrong.



@vivienne How do I upgrade my existing app? See screenshot. It says I’m on version 17, the latest version.

Figured it out. To anyone curious on HOW to upgrade your pages to new responsive designer, this video by the Bubble team shows you how in the first 30 seconds.

Click to watch video: Introducing: A New Way of Building Responsive Apps in Bubble - YouTube

Product Hunt link! UpVote Bubble’s New Responsive Editor!

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