Framework options for video/content storage for an eLearning PWA

Hi everyone.

I am using bubble to build an eLearning Progressive Web App. I am now deciding how videos/content will be stored and delivered to users. We must be able to offer the option to download content to watch offline. We also must ensure users will not be able to download our videos, they may record the screen and there is nothing we can do about it, but videos must be encrypted so users can use it offline only through the App/website. So far, we have Vimeo and Spotlightr in our radar. AWS would be an option but it seems it would require quite a lot of development time to do all the pipeline for transcoding. Vimeo is quite expensive and Spotlightr I am not sure is reliable. Would you have any suggestion? Also, would you have an idea of how much a bubble developer would charge to build this part part of the App?


Bubble is a web app so it’s basically a fancy website (requires internet). Sounds like that will be an issue here?

Vimeo’s expensive?.. I’ve always considered Vimeo one of the cheapest video hosting solutions there is…

Hi Adam. The courses we are providing are quite extensive. A single course has around 100 videos. Our content production will be big. The pricing I found for Vimeo is $65/month for 500 videos. Spotlightr costs $40/month for unlimited videos (up to 600 GB). So, comparatively it looks expensive.

Wow!!.. yeah it looks like Vimeo have significantly changed their pricing model recently…

The max I pay for any of my existing Vimeo subscriptions is about £60 per month, and for that we don’t have any limit on the number of videos (we already have thousands, and are using less than 10% of our total storage limit of 5TB).

I might have to reconsider them as my number one recommendation for video hosting…

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That increase in price might be because all of the new features they are offering, like live stream, manage registration, gif production, etc… Do you use Vimeo in a PWA? Do you offer offline video to your users? Do you have experience with it?

Hi Tyler, I understand we can convert a Web App to a Progressive Web App and provide offline content via service workers. Am I wrong?

If you are planning on wrapping your Bubble app, and users are using the interface you build on Bubble, that is all a webpage so you need internet to navigate and do things.

What you may be looking for is a “native app” built on a standard front end framework like Flutter or React Native

Right @adamhholmes ? :pray:

Have you seen this plugin?

I have contacted the developer and their reply was positive, their plugin would allow offline content, including offline video content.


Never seen that before, seems to good to be true for a web app platform but if it works out let us know :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If it doesn’t work I would look at some native app solutions (Flutterflow, Draftbit)

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