Work with videos

I am building an app where users will have many videos attached to their profile as video reviews.

My question is how do I work with videos in bubble? Where should I save the videos?
There is no “video” type in the bubble database, and hosting many videos would slow down the app I think.

I can refer to youtube videos but this is not my example as I do not want to refer to youtube videos.

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Videos are just files, like any other…

In terms of where to store them, you basically have 3 options…

  1. Store videos in your Bubble app storage

  2. Store videos in some external storage (such as AWS S3)

  3. Store videos in a dedicated video hosting service (such as Vimeo, Ziggeo, Wistia etc.)

Storing in your Bubble app storage is fine if you only have a few videos, but will quickly eat up your storage capacity which is expensive in Bubble.

Using your own external storage will be much cheaper and give you the capacity to store as many videos as you need.

However, there is more to working with video than just storage - so if you want to offer a good, professional user experience, I’d highly suggest using a dedicated video hosting service - that way everything you need will be taken care of by them (personally I’m a big fan of Vimeo, but there are plenty of other options, depending on your needs).


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