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:rotating_light: Announcement time! - New version of Framify has just dropped!

What’s new?

1/3 Simplified Bulk CSV Upload

Meet Framify’s innovative Bulk CSV Upload feature for Bubble Option Sets. This tool is a game-changer in data management, offering effortless uploading of option sets with attributes.

2/3 Affiliate Program

Be part of our growing community by joining the Framify Affiliate Program. Earn a 25% commission on every successful subscription conversion and enjoy the benefits of partnering with us. It’s a fantastic way to earn while you create

3/3 Enhanced Component Uploading

We’ve made uploading components easier than ever! With Framify’s new feature, you no longer need to manually take screenshots of your components. Our platform now automatically captures the look of your component with just a click.
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Hi @andero
I have just signed up for Framify, firstly to use for bulk operations on my option sets.
However the “Bulk operations” button does not appear in the option set list, and I cannot find anything in the settings or guides that might help me.
Any Idea what is wrong?
Chrome browser.


  1. Make sure you are logged in with your account to the extension
  2. To solve the issue, try the following:
    2.1 Switch the tab from “Option sets” to “App Data” and back to “Option sets” (Framify needs to detect a change in your pages)
    2.2 Or Try to refresh the whole page.
  3. The “Bulk actions” button should appear after the last Option set, which for you is “Work operation Frequently - Riskmapping”

Let me know if these two simple fixes solved your issue, then we can look further.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Nope. Nothing.

  1. and 2. done, and zoom = 0, refresh, added an option

We are in Norway, and I’m using Norwegian Chrome.
Could that be an issue?


Do you have any feedback for me on this? I have to get it working really fast, or else someone has to do a heavy copy-paste session.


Hey, please send me an email to and lets do a quick meeting as it is difficult to diagnose what could be the issue for you.