Free access to add my own plugins?

I wrote a commercial plugin, but I also want to use it personally with my apps. Is bubble going to make me duplicate the projects (and make one private), or is there some way to add this plugin to my own apps without needing to buy it from myself lol. I’m asking also because I want to associate my plugin with my production app without waiting for it to appear on the store for me to add it.

If I remember correctly you can add it to specific apps. You just have to type the name of the app. Somewhere in settings. Not on my computer at the moment. Maybe someone else can take a screenshot for you.

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That only works under private. It seems that I have to change to “private” and submit a private version for the apps, then perhaps I can switch to commercial and submit a different commercial version. I’ll see if that works…

This might, in fact, be the case. The settings for plugin availability are all in the Settings section. I don’t have any commercial plugins yet so I don’t know if the private access section appears there, but if not it would seem the solution is to have two versions – one for your private use and one for sale. (This would be sort of dumb, but I can also see why it would be this way.)

If your plugin is open source and published (something I do have) there’s no private sharing anymore. (Obviously, that’s not necessary in that case. But it wouldn’t surprise me if published marketplace plugins had the same interface. Does seem a little like a bug and might be worth reporting as such.)

To be clear I mean only one plugin project, not two. Let’s see how it goes. I can use the plugins privately in my app and then switch the setting to commercial later, submit a commercial version, then switch it back. Hopefully the commercial “state” remains with the versions submitted to the marketplace. I absolutely refuse to maintain two separate plugins doing the same thing.

@JamesW @keith so, is it possible to have a plugin in commercial and also add it for free to a specific project?

It’s been 2 years since the last post, so I guess someone must have the answer.

Yeah, you can grant access to a commercial plugin to any apps that you specify in the Settings tab of the plugin builder. (In addition to the plugin’s testing app, which runs your plugin in a non-cached, non-minified form for development and debugging.)

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