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FREE App Design!

  • LINKS NO LONGER ACTIVE - contact me with a direct message if interested *

Hey everyone, I am giving away a free app design. It is ideal for a native mobile app.
Now it is just the landing page, sign in and sign up pages but should give you a feel for a good looking UI to build upon! And if you want the extension of it let me know.

I also created a website Landing Page design that I am selling.
Note that both of these are strictly for UI designs and do not perform workflows

Due to the time it takes to design the UI, especially fully responsive, I think some Bubblers might be interested in some great UI based templates to save time (that’s why we used Bubble in the first place!)

These are available on another app of mine (as I ran out of private apps) and as I am just gauging to see if there is even any interest in some quality designs. Let me know what you think

Free mobile app design (best viewed on a mobile):
not available

Beautiful responsive single page website:
not available