FREE App Template – Startup Landing Page

Hey fellow Bubblers, I am happy to announce that I have released a FREE landing page template that is mobile responsive. Now no more having to use the Bubble pre-loaded default – yay!
(no offense Bubble, it’s just that it’s not as up to date with all the new and great Bubble features)

Get it here:

Preview mode:

This is a modern design I regularly use as a starting point in most of my ‘front end’ website designs, so hopefully it can help other Bubblers save some time from trying to build a responsive landing page. Leaving everyone more time to build out the main features of your apps! Also, it features a simple way to set up user types, so hopefully it can help new Bubblers grasp the structure of multiple user types at a basic level.

ALL technical support, questions and discussions about this template should be posted in this thread. If you have a question, I guarantee at least 10 others will have the same questions. Using the forum for support will benefit EVERYONE in the Bubble community… But I don’t have to tell you that, you’re already in the forum reading this! :slight_smile:


Excellent! Looks great!


Looks brilliant.

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After removing the favicon in settings, the favicon is somehow still hardcoded in this template. Was this done purposely or is there a way to remove the favicon from the tab?

Try clearing your browser’s cache, as it’s probably still stored there.

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We added a Survey Pop-up that is mobile responsive
It is also a great (and still free!) example for a new Bubbler to see how Custom States can be used in a multi step survey/form

To add this template to your Bubble arsenal:

  • Click here
  • Scroll down and click ‘Add to my Account’
  • Go to your Bubble Dashboard
  • Click ‘New App’ in the top right corner and in the popup you will have the option to create an app with your New Template

If you are one of the hundreds of Bubbler’s who already use this template, then the update will automatically appear for you in the template the next time you create a new app with it

Geoff | Wolfer Tech
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Thanks for the great work! I’m really glad I found And The Free Landing Page Template. I have a few items that I’m working through and wanted to see if anyone has any tips or recommendations for me.
In my current development site, when the menu is below a tablet width, the menu disappears. The pancake menu is missing on mobile so I may be missing an element of a plugin that I need to install?

One other related item is the survey popup elements and how I can edit them. When I select the element, there isn’t anything that shows up. When I open the App in preview the survey is there, and I’m in the dark how I can modify it or if I need to recreate all of the elements.

I’m not a developer and have enjoyed learning more about bubble and the community.

Thanks for all the wonderful support from the community.

I love the work you’re doing. Thanks for the amazing templates.
Quick question? If I create an app from the free template to test and I want to include the features of the paid template, will I have to start over again?
Keep up the great work,

Welcome to the community Russ.

The ‘Pancake Menu’ button is indeed a Plugin - I believe it is called the ‘Slidable Menu’. It should be included by default in the Template, and will actually be in a group that is hidden by Default. You can use the ‘Hidden Elements’ view in the Editor to find the group.

With the Survey Popup you facing the same thing here, the elements inside the popup are hidden by default and will only show in the Editor if you use the ‘Eye Icon’ to make it visible. An example of a Hidden Element and the Toggle Icon to make it appear are in the picture below


You could start over, or you could copy the elements from the Premium template into your app (or vice versa). It is a little tedious, and the simplest way would depend what elements from the Premium template you want to copy over.

Would you be looking to copy over the Dashboard element? Or use one of the other Landing Pages as well?

Thanks and I was able to get it operational after searching hidden elements and updating the workflow. When you change the label for the menu you have to also update the workflow to reflect the changes.
Thanks for the quick response. I’m still learning the development cycle for bubble and I appreciate the support.

Enjoy the day,

At this point in time, I don’t have any specific requirement on the template and know what I want to develop. I don’t know what I don’t know yet. Still going through the tutorials and getting used to the interface. It’s not Wordpress, so it may take a few days to learn how to create elements and get them to behave like I’m expecting. Developing the database isn’t something I’ve done in some time. There may not be any coding required, however, that doesn’t mean it is always simple.

I’ll be working in bubble to improve my skills and look forward to the asking the community for tips and ideas.

Enjoy the day,

With great power comes great responsibility - Bubble can do amazing things, and certainly more than WordPress so understandably it can take a little longer to get the hang of.

But we’ve also got a great community here, so let us know if there are any areas you get stuck on :+1:

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Hey Geoff,
I’m having a challenge modifying the radio buttons in the survey and then having the information go anywhere. Two separate issues, however, they may be related.

I was attempting to update the text and leave most of the structure alone. If I modify the radio text will that null out the functionality?

And the Submit is not working, and I wasn’t sure if it was setup or not.

Any assistance is appreciated,


The template is setup for for the visual aspects, none of the Radio Button selections actually get saved, hence the Submit button not doing anything.

You can edit the Radio Button text so suit your needs with no problems

If you want to save the selection from a Radio Button use a workflow like the following:

If you need anymore assistance around saving the data I recommend checking out some of the free Bubble lessons on Saving Data (Bubble Homepage -> Learning Center)

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Thanks Geoff!
I’ll take a look at it and see what I can figure out.

Enjoy the day,

Thanks for the template! I was just playing with it and was wondering how do I get header buttons to not hide? I noticed conditions on other elements but not on them

Check under the ‘Responsive’ tab and look for a Hiding Rule. Elements can be hidden based on Page Width using Conditions as well as Hiding Rules


That worked thanks!