Free Form Text via Drag/Drop/Click

Hi there Gang,

Here’s another interesting one. Would be appreciative of suggestions, thoughts, jazzed ideas etc.
I have no idea if drag/drop would do this yet, but let us say I want to form sentences into a multiline input. Those sentences could come from a repeating group or a text box, etc. I do not care of the mechanism to get them there, wether it be a click or a drag and drop, but they must go to where the cursor is in the text box.

Consider this example. I have some sentences:

  • the cat
  • was hairy
  • Alex

I want to be able to move these words into the text box so depending on the order I clicked them on, the sentence could end up being.

  • the cat was hairy
  • Alex was hairy
  • Alex the cat

I would like it to be free form so the drop area cannot be constrained by a finite number of fields. Now my sentence is “Alex the cat”

Now the next three words are:

  • fat
  • boy
  • annoying

Now I click on “fat” and the sentence is Alex the fat cat as that is where the cursor was when “fat” was clicked.
How’s that for ya? Clear as mud.

All thoughts welcomed!

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