Drag and Drop Query

Hi Everyone, struggling with a drag and drop feature and after some inspiration from you good folks.

I have built a sort of online form builder, the idea been that a user drags a question type and it builds the form according to what they drag, eg, date picker, short text etc.

My data structure is an option set for the question type and then on the question i have referenced the option type.

The user grabs the option and drops it on to a question drop zone which creates a new question (* placing it at the bottom of the list of questions so far *). Within the repeating group of questions created i then have another drop zone set to question and this one allows me to select one of the questions and move it up and down the list.

What i want to achieve is the ability for the user to grab the initial question to a location within the current list and for it to create the question and add that reference.

With the drag group set to an option set rather than question i am not sure if i can do it.

Any ideas on how this can be done?