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FREE Mobile App Design Template

Any floating Header and Footer will stay at the top and bottom of the device window, and the actual content within there will depend on what you include. Essentially yes it should ‘fit’ any device size, but depending on how you expand or adjust the current groups sizes it may ‘break’ and look off.

Can you send a screenshot of the preview mode and also the Editor to see where the gap might be coming from?

Hey, I want to thank you as a new Bubble user for the free Mobile Template! I spent two days and I could not do anything close to what you have created. My question is how I start building the design…I tried created a design on the index page, but it did not show up when I ran the preview. I see there are 5 pages, but not in the traditional way I have learned to create pages. So, my questions is, do I create my design and the app functionality on the different pages you created in your template? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am trying to get “up the curve” as fast as possible

This template is considered a Single Page Application (SPA). Which means all the elements are on the page and get shown and hidden quickly instead of loading a new page. It works well for Native apps or for quick user experience (some downsides too). For more details on SPAs in general here is a great discussion and Gaby links to her video explanation as well: What do you think...single page vs multi page?

For this specific template, there are ‘Hidden Groups’ (groups not visible on page load) that you can find in the Elements Tree on the left hand side. They become visible using Workflows that are in the Workflows tab. I would recommend creating a Group on the page similar to them or simply putting your content directly the groups that already exist. Hope this helps :+1:

That was very helpful, and thanks again for the free template! I will figure out the SPA thing thanks to the link :+1:

Some exciting news for the Bubble community - this App Template has been acquired by @pavel and the @eazycode team :tada:

I created this template as one of the very first Bubble templates and it has given a TON of value to thousands of users over the years. But now I am focusing on specific Bubble templates and my own SaaS businesses and just did not have the time to upkeep this one anymore. That is where the EzCode team became the perfect fit to take it over, as they have the team and resources to keep this template modern and to make sure it continues to help thousands of more Bubble users.

Any support requests, questions or requests to help build an app on this template should be directed to @eazycode and @pavel


Thanks @gf_wolfer , appreciate

Dear Bubblers, we are planning few cosmetic updates and will add some more new features next few weeks, everyone who interested stay tuned !

Also will be glad to receive some ideas and changes that you want to see in this template for future updates and maybe Pro version ?

Hope you will like it and stay safe!

Regards Pavel, EzCode team

Many folks need a practical mobile template. My suggestions:

  1. Show clearly how the visibility function works
  2. Stack the content containers vertically
  3. Name the element tree as intuitive as possible
  4. Restrain from adding too many bells and whistles
  5. Explain as best as possible how the dB model and logic works

The above should lower the friction a little bit that many young Bubblers experience with templates.

Best of luck! :+1:t2:


Hey Bubblers, just launched update of template with more elements. new fresh design and + cool landing page inside !

Hope you like it !

Regards Pavel, EzCode Team !

Hey Bubblers, happy to announce that we launching New Mobile App Design Pro template with some more functionality !

Template includes :
• Landing page
• Dark/Light mode
• Sign Up / Sign In
• Feed
• Notifications
• Post creation
• Wallet
• Dating
• User settings

Check Demo:

Hope you like it and feel free to comment so we will improve it!

Regards Pavel, EzCode Team !

Looks great! @eazycode !

It is not clear to me if this is a responsive template or a mobile-designed template. It is not yet listed on your contributors page.

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Hey @cmarchan , thanks, it was under bubble review and it’s already live

About your question - yep, it’s responsive, so it looks good on tablets and any mobile phones

Also we are thinking about bundle of templates, like mobile app + dashboard if somebody interested

Regards Pavel, EzCode Team !

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Hey Bubblers,

Glad to announce that we made template update and added new pages with NEW Mobile Responsive engine :partying_face:

Hope you will like it

Regards Pavel, EazyCode Team !

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Nice looking @eazycode ! Bookmarked!

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