Premium Template - Dashboard, CRM & 3 Websites

This past weekend I released a Free Template landing page and the response has been amazing, thank you!
Now the most used Bubble Template - 18 and counting!

I have also released a Premium Template that includes a Dashboard, a CRM (contact management tool) and 3 website designs, all mobile responsive - and I am happy to announce that this is now The Most Purchased Bubble Template!
(Obviously the marketplace is very young, but hey, you got to appreciate the little things in life :slight_smile:)

See what makes it the Best Selling template here:

To purchase go here:

If you have any questions about these templates, or how to use them please ask in this thread so everyone can benefit from the questions and answers.

If you want parts of the Premium Pack template but not all of it, I have made separate templates that are cheaper and only have certain parts. But the best value is the pack which includes all of them.

What would be the most useful or interesting Bubble templates you would want?


Nice, Geoff! :raised_hands:

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I have received some great feedback so far. And thanks to the suggestions, I updated the Premium Pack Dashboard to use Parameters in the URL to navigate menus.

This allows users to navigate the dashboard and use the ‘Back’ button to show the previous group they had open. A much more intuitive UI :slight_smile:

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Well done. How did you integrate the fade-to-black parallax on v1? Was that via an elements plugin?

Actually in true no-code fashion I found a way to give it that look with Groups, Gradients and the built in parallax background. Took a little time to figure out, but once I got started it turned into a mission to see if it could be done

Also, that page is available in this Free Template. So you can check out how it is setup by adding the template to your account

Hello Gf_Wolfer,

Please let me know if you are talking about any CRM? Or is it s specific one? I work with bpm’online platform. Does it work smoothly with Bubble theme in this case?


Hey there.

The Premium Template has a simple CRM built into it. So you can add contacts, notes on the contact and set follow up dates. Once you have the template you can then edit it so that it can do whatever you would like - similar to building an app in bubble from scratch but likely saving you lots of development time.

You can test out the functionality here

I am unfamiliar with the CRM you mentioned, and I am not sure what exactly you mean by “work smoothly with Bubble”, could you clarify what exactly you want the two systems to do together?
In general Bubble Apps can interact with the majority of web based software that have a well developed API

Hello gf_Wolfer,

Thank you so much for your clarification! I appreciate your reply. I will take a look at the link you have shared. I am not a tech geek need to clarify that with my system administrator.

No problem, let me know if you have more questions

OK, so I purchased the template and installed it, but it doesn’t operate the same as your demo.

  1. not centered on the page, even though I selected “centered” in the setup

  2. the floating side menu does not appear on mine

  3. the style in the header is different (I selected the default bubble style in setup)

Please advise.

@robert, thanks for reaching out and happy to help here. I haven’t heard of similar issues from others so we will need to connect directly to get this fixed.

Email with a link to the app.

For the quickest help be sure to include a link to the Editor and change the App Settings to Everyone can Edit

Will do @gf_wolfer.

FYI: I deleted the app and started over, selecting full width this time, and that seems to have solved problems #1 & #2.

The style (Twitter Bootstrap this time) is closer, but still different. Maybe a color pallet difference.

For the benefit of others using this template.

The main hero image “moves” twice during the load sequence, in both desktop and mobile, which is annoying/distracting.

Here are the 4 fixes you need to make:

  1. Next Big Thing text element…uncheck “Cut off content if the element is not tall enough”

  2. Widen the “Limited Time Only” text element to 350

  3. Increase the height of the “Developing with Bubble…” text element to 55 (which requires moving the 2 elements below down a bit)

  4. In responsive editor mode: change the current minimum width of the Limited Time text element to 80%

Now it runs smoothly in both desktop and mobile (at least android).

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Thanks for taking the time to find and come up with a solution to these :raised_hands:.
I just made these updates to the Template, so that any future projects started with the template will have this update

(Also updated the other templates that use the similar Landing Page setup)

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New user note…must erase “anti-hacker” conditions in 3 separate workflows.

I am modifying the template to use the time in the date/time functions.

However the time saves as 4 hours later than I have selected. Is this a time zone issue or something else?


The navigation in the left menu bar is inconsistent because, although the group is connected to a navigation workflow, the 2 individual elements within the groups are not. Therefore, when one clicks on one of the 2 elements within the group, no navigation occurs.

Is the solution to triplicate the workflow for the group to both the icon and text?

Or would it be simpler to add a shape inside the group (of the same dimensions)?

This might be best if you create a new forum post with some specific examples (screenshots/links) to make sure everyone can benefit from the discussion. As this sounds like a problem with the workflows or how things are displayed - not a Template specific issue

You are correct that they are not connected to a Workflow, however the Group they are within is connected, and should run even when any element inside of it is clicked. Is the Text and Icon in the way of making the workflow run for you? (if so, what browser setup are you using)

You could add a Shape or Group over top of all of these elements if you wanted as well, just make sure the Conditions are setup correctly for the Hover states to still work properly.
(or yes you could copy and paste the workflow for the Group, and reference the correct Text and Icon elements)

Using Chrome browser which appear to identify and select the 2 elements (icon and text) individually, instead of the group as a whole. Please advise.