[Free Plugin 📸] Clarifai Image and Video Recognition

New Plugin built by AirDev

Clarifai is a service that uses machine learning to describe the contents of images and videos submitted to an API.

Users can select from a number of Clarifai’s models to use for predictions via the Predict API, with the following models usable via the plugin:

  • General

  • Apparel

  • Food

  • Moderation (flagging inappropriate content for content moderation)

  • NSFW

  • Travel

  • Wedding

  • Textures & Patterns

  • Portrait Quality

  • Landscape Quality

Clarifai’s Search API takes image inputs from a user and creates a search index, which users can later search by keyword or by inputting other images.

Here’s a test page which makes use of the Predict API and Search APIs!

Another part of Clarifai’s API that isn’t implemented here is the Train API. Users can also create their own models through the Train API, and then later use their models to predict the contents of images. If anyone would like to use that Train API for an application, let me know and we’ll see if we can develop it.

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Hi @andersan. Thank you sooo much for the plugin. Is there any way that you could show how to use this plugin like @vlad did with his post for Hot dog not Hot dog. Btw @vlad rocks man! Anyways, I have already made a custom model at clarifai but can’t figure out how to connect. I am a newbie at bubble. your feedback would be highly appreciated.

hi @umerbhatti103 did you manage to get this working? I had been trying for the past two hours without success. Any advice is appreciated !


This thing is crazy awesome :heart_eyes:

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Hello, I’ve just made the demo’s page accessible: https://clarifai.bubbleapps.io/version-test/demo?tab=Predict%20API

Hope that’s helpful.

This plugin looks awesome!

Many thanks! How do I take a look at the workflow? Not sure if I am missing anything, but I only see the “normal” demo app.


Apologies, I posted the wrong link (also from a different Bubble account): https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=demo&id=clarifai&tab=tabs-5

@andersan Ok, so I have this working… but how do i save the results into the database? We end up having a nested RG so when I run a save it puts all of the concepts into one cell in the DB. Has anyone saves the concepts along with the video url so we can make them searchable later? Displaying the list is good, but I need the data saved and searchable…

Any advice?