Clarifai for image matching?

I want to have a user scan an image and have that action trigger a search to find the image in my app’s database. If a match is found in the database, it will then trigger a subsequent action.

What’s the best way to compare the images to see if they match? Something like Can @AirDev’s Clarifai plugin do this?

Hello @sydney22

I just reviewed the Clarifai website. It seems that it would do the job provided that training the model has enough items. What is enough? … Only by trial and error one can know.

Another option is to research the Google image AI API.

Since this Clarifai plugin is free … is worth a try! Just be mindful that it was built back in 2018. You may want to build the API calls directly through the Bubble API connector if the plugin does not work.

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Great advice, @cmarchan! And I completely agree about the plugin- I’ll give it a try through the API Connector.

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