New Plugin: Open AI

This Plugin uses Open AI’s powerful DaVinci engine which will allow you to do multiple things from writing short stories, to answering general knowledge questions and moderating language that is entered, it also can correct your code or your written language.

This plugin has up-to-date features, all you have to do is get an API key. Together with this plugin, we’ve included a few features such as Completion, Editing, Moderation or Profanity filter, and Creating text to an image.

To further explain these features:

Completion - you can ask it to do anything, such as to create a short story or asking it to check your code errors.

Editing - checking for spelling and punctuations.

Moderation or Profanity filter - you can find and censor indecent language.

Text to image - converting a text to an image with just a click of a button.

For our proof of concept you can see where the real fun begins which such a powerful tool:

Check our plugin here: WGD:OpenAI Plugin | Bubble

Demo: OpenAI

For support or general queries please contact


Added embed endpoint to our plugin, so we can keep it all up to date