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[FREE PLUGIN] Heroicons, by the makers of Tailwindcss

I am getting these rather large looking icons when using the plugin to add an icon to a button:
This is how I set it up in the editor:

Any hints are appreciated!

Hey @konrad1,

What you want to do is specify the font size of the icon

For example:
[his-l-16]lifebuoy[/his-l-16] Support

Will make the icon a solid one, left aligned, font size 16.

Hope this helps!

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Okay got it. Not sure how alignment works with an icon (like what is the difference between left, center and right, when the icon itself is part of an aligned text…

Is it possible to change the size then dynamically? I intend to make the font size smaller in my responsive settings for mobile devices…

Try it out and you’ll see :blush:

Yes, just change the text in your condition and change it from [his-l-16]lifebuoy[/his-l-16] Support to [his-l-14]lifebuoy[/his-l-14] Support based on a condition.

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Thanks for a great plugin. I’m trying to use the processing icon

[hil]spinner[/hil] Processing...

on a file uploader placeholder but it doesn’t seem to render. To test, I tried the same thing on a button and its working as expected.

Is this supposed to work on file uploaders?

hey everyone, we identified the cause of this issue and are working on a fix

until then downgrading the engine to v20 is the only option, but i dont expect it will take log for us to publish it

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hey everyone, the v21 engine issue should be solved in 3.3.8

please try and let us know if there are any edge cases that we missed!