Icons for buttons, what do you use. Heroicons is busted

What does the community think is the best solution for icons in buttons?

Personally, I rarely ‘pretty’ up buttons and when I do its a text element with the [fa] feathericons [/fa]. One of the reasons I have not tried other methods, is because I always see posts that they frequently break. Case and point, hero icons looks like this currently.

In rare instances, Ive also used a group with a icon and text element within, but I feel like its kinda annoying.

So, im curious, do you all do other methods, what are some of the downsides youve learned about using icons in buttons (loading, different browser issues…)

Thanks gang.

It’s cuz of one of the new version updates (I think Version 21). If you go to the one before that it should work, although I think @Kayami is working on a fix for it?

That’s on their demo page, the screenshot. I saw someone report a similar buy weeks ago, which is the kind of thing that I wouldnt even take a risk with. That’s honestly what triggered this question, I’m curious if theres stuff out there that is visually pleasing and runs without issues such as that.

@razvan sorry, this was not a bug - but a limitation of bubble related to plugins in testing mode.

it can only be linked to one app at a time and we needed to move it for a short period of time to fix a bug.

the demo page is back to working now :slight_smile:

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Mostly I just use the font awesome icons from Bubble by doing the [fa] fa-home [/fa] trick. Most works fine for me for an MVP until I want to customize it.