💥[FREE Plugin] Particles.js

Visual effect for your site.

Визуальный эффект для вашего сайта.

Как только пост получит 100 лайков , я добавлю параметры для настройки )))
As soon as the post receives 100 likes, I will add parameters for customization)))


Can you make a demo link?

I have added options. Now the particles can be customized.

  1. Create Group and set ID Attribute particles-js

  2. Create Particle and set Params

I am not sure yet where I might use this, but I want to recognize your work! It looks good and is done well!

Would be neat if you created it as a loading element when something is loading, there would be an effect or color change option.

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Good! I will do a separate initialization action. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I’ll try it out today.

It turned out to run? Or do you need to do more detailed instructions?

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Can particles be showed in the header? Cause I can get it works in a group in the page but not in the header.
Thanks for your job the plugin is awesome

Which bubble element do you use as a “header”?

I am user header reusable component, then inside I create a group where I am trying to show the particles.

Very nice @lstk.kb

I got it work, I forgot to change the default color.

I am very glad that everything worked out for you.


Made a page for testing the plugin particle.js - https://helper-2020.bubbleapps.io/particles

Awesome plugin, thanks!

One question, do you know if there’s any easy to stop interaction? (just having the particles but no hover interaction).

Thanks again!


I have the same question @lstk.kb
Can I turn off interaction? Or change the behaviour? Instead of having them “run away” from the mouse, perhaps have them be attracted to the mouse? I feel like the mouse interaction currently ruins the effect by compacting all the particles.

There’s also another problem. If I add another group, like an image and a title, inside the particle-js group, the particles get pushed down. Any way to fix this?

@lstk.kb Checking the github, I believe your current interaction on hover is set to repulse. We should be able to set it to grab. We should also be able to set it to true or false.

Similar issue with the onclick setting. Can we get the ability to set ti to true or false? That would be awesome.

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