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[New Plugin] Free Super Fancy Button Plugin

If you like to have some additional super fancy buttons :star_struck: :heart_eyes: for your design besides the official bubble ones, this is a free plugin for you!

Demo Page:

Plugin Page:

My bubbler age is just around a week. I’ve been learning how to create plugin so that I can reuse custom elements easily. I believe I may learn even faster if I open source the plugin to collect feedback and info. So here you go and please try it and let me know what you think. Thanks! :pray:


This looks great! Is there anyway an effect could work for all buttons on my site?

Thanks! Do you mean adding effect to the official button too?

My first attempt was I actually using the “classify” plugin to add classnames to the official buttons, and then add an html element to define my custom styles, and setting up a workflow to define callback to show the ripple effects, etc. But then I found that the project will become very difficult to maintain.

So I tried to learn how to put it all together into a plugin to simplify the process. As I want to simply put the new button element to anywhere I like and configure the element directly to show the effect.

In order to add effects to the official buttons I guess it is possible to create a plugin to change/add their styles/callbacks using jquery.

I have thought about the possibility to drag a shape on top of the official buttons to provision them to show special effect. But it seems quite complicated to develop. Would be interesting to see what other bubblers would suggest.

Oh My God this is hilarious. How did I miss this?

hi, this is great, but how can i connect to button to workflow??