[Free Plugin] Pretty Colour Picker

Hello again,

Thought I’d bring something new to the table, although as there are numerous other Colour Picker plugins it may not be that new, but in my completely unbiased opinion mine is the prettiest!

With this plugin you can easily create a reactive and fully customisable Wheel, Box or Slider colour picker, including extra sliders for colour selection.

The customisable options include:

  • Colour Picker width
  • Layout direction
  • Initial colour
  • Border width / colour
  • Colour picker selector size
  • Wheel colour direction / angle
  • Output type - RGBA / HEX / HSLA

The slider types that can be added include:

  • Hue
  • Alpha
  • Saturation
  • Value
  • Red / Green / Blue
  • Kelvin

Plugin page: Pretty Colour Picker Plugin | Bubble
Run mode editor app: https://prettycolourpicker.bubbleapps.io/version-test

Stuart B


This is nice! Very mobile friendly. id put the wheel in a popup or it’s own focus group. :raised_hands: I’ll setup an example today!