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๐Ÿš€ [Free Plugin] Rarible SDK - NFT Marketplace By NovaBloq

Hi All,
Any one facing a issue with opening Metamask wallet to sign when Minting.
I have already updated plugin to latest.

I tested it on given demo as well but facing same issue

Currently there are some issues with testnets from Rarible side, Iโ€™m in contact with them to find a solution.
Mainnet works fine.

Update v.4.5.3

  • Fixed minting on testnets
  • Fixed generate ID API call - signatures no more needed for lazy minting

Rarible has changed their base URLs, use this one for all testnets:

Mainnet hasnโ€™t changed.

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@ezdev Thank you for the update

Hi @ezdev ,
Seems that issue with opening Metamask wallet to sign when minting has been occurring again .
This is for test network
Appreciate if you can check this.

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Hi @ezdev ,

Getting an new error when miniating, Could you check this out.


Update v.4.7.0

  • Updated SDK version to 0.9.29
  • Fixed a few bugs with Polygon

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And another HOT critical update

Update v.4.8.0

  • Fixed a critical bug that was preventing the use of conditionals on plugin element
  • Fixed some issues with demo page

Hello! When can we get Goerli Testnets? Rinkeby and Ropsten are gone! This is critical urgency! Thank you!

Rarible doesnโ€™t support Goerli in current version (only in the next major version that can break the apps that uses the plugin)

However, for testing you can use Polygon Mumbai Testnet

Hi @ezdev ,

I started to encounter troubles while creating a collection on polygon. The transaction wonโ€™t pass because the gas fee is too low, which as far as I understand is passed automatically. The only workaround that I found is too give more gas from the window that metamask pops up on collection creating, could you tell me do you plan on improving the plugin? Because a temporary solution is to just keep giving more gas from metamask manually, but from an UX standpoint it is not such a good solution.


Update v.4.9

  • Added support for Goerli testnet
  • Removed Rinkeby and Ropsten as it is deprecated
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Hi Team,

Seems there is issue with biding function.
this is with Goerli testnet

Hi team - is there any support via the Rarible API to identify Spam NFTs?

Also, fyi the documentation links is down at the moment, looks like a http protocol issue.