[Free Template] Job Board

Hi everybody. I’ve published a new template for job boards. It is a free template and fully responsive.

It can be used if you’re planning on creating a job board or just to understand how one can be created using Bubble. The template includes:

  • Hero banner
  • Filters
  • Job summary cards
  • Expanded job cards
  • Call to action banner
  • Clients section
  • Header with ‘Post a job’ button
  • Footer

Preview - https://job-board-nocodeassistant.bubbleapps.io/
Get the template - https://bubble.io/template/job-board-1597951562541x409416509640671200

Copy or clone the template in as many apps that you need.

For support, send an email at himanshu@nocodeassistant.com.

Want a tailored landing page for your startup, send an email to himanshu@nocodeassistant.com.

Check out more templates and plugins at - https://bubble.io/contributor/nocodeassistant-1549998184193x846071821049605200

For Bubble tutorials and tips, visit https://nocodeassistant.com/


Cool stuff @sharma.himanshu0608 :clap:

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