[New Template] Modern Job Board

Modern Job Board is a template I built based on my experience running a revenue-generating niche job board site built with bubble (you can read a bit about it here).

It’s completely built using the new responsive engine (flexbox).

Demo Page
Template Page


  • Fully responsive
  • Stats on job views/link clicks
  • Accept payments with Stripe (some minor configuration required)
  • Different tiers of job postings (basic, intermediate and premium)
  • Job category pages
  • Preview jobs feature for companies posting jobs
  • Capture emails for jobs newsletter (I highly recommend this as a source of traffic)


  • Homepage
  • Post Job
  • Edit Job
  • Preview Job
  • Checkout
  • Individual Job Pages
  • Category Pages
  • All Jobs Page

The design is heavily influenced by leading job boards such as WeWorkRemotely and RemoteOK.

I plan to add additional features in the coming months and beyond, so if people have any requests do let me know :slight_smile:

I’ve also posted some tutorials on my YouTube channel about building a Job Board with bubble that may be useful for people.

If you require any help with the template or are just looking for some general advice on starting a job board business you can contact me at: nocodebuilds@gmail.com


21st May 2022: Original release
25th May 2022: Minor bug fixes
4th July 2022: Implemented reusable elements more widely throughout app

Have moved the documentation for this template over to gitbook, so just wanted to post an updated link.