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Free Trial - Dream or not?

Yesterday I saw that bubble io offered me 14-days trial. Today I don’t see this information on my account. Was this a dream? Is there a trial version?

It pops up occasionally. You may see it again maybe not. I’m not sure whether you get the offer once per application or just randomly it’ll pop up but I do know it exists.

I have a habit of clearing my cache a lot, and that popup shows up pretty much every time I go into the one app I have that is on the free plan. I’m guessing Bubble is trying not to “spam” us with the message all the time, but if you want it to pop up again, it can’t hurt to try clearing your cache.


Unfortunetely I can’t see free trial after clearing database :frowning:

Clearing the database? I was talking about clearing your browser cache.

Hi there @andiyoutubes,

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Usually refreshing the editor should do it.

Also note: Bubble only offers the trial within the first 10 days of creating your app. After that the popup will stop appearing.

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