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Bubble Upgrade or not

Hi, i just recieved an email from Bubble that my current trial period will expire in 15days, but i can continue to use bubble for free but without the paid features, which are theses paid features exactly and how crucial are they? I would like to know whether i really need them or i can still create my apps using the free version.

You can compare plan offerings here:

The first paid features that I couldn’t do without no matter what are private apps and custom domains. Also API workflows. And more workflow runs/month. And version control…

I didn’t even hesitate when my trial was over, but to answer one of your questions, you can definitely still build your apps on the free plan with just a few limitations. Mainly, your apps will be public (with either read/write access) and they’ll be on Bubble’s domain… instead of my Depending on how many workflows get run in a month, you may or may not run into that limit quickly.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


Thank you so much for this info! Now i know i can’t do without custom domains and API workflows. So which plan did you upgrade to?