Free Unlimited Video Conferencing! 🌏

Thanks @sudsy; which would you recommend to use with a bubble app?

Hi @lantzgould ,
Thank you for creating the tutorial. I wondered if you knew if Jitsi can be used by multiple users on a bubble app to mimic live streaming on social media? Or is it intended for one user only ?

Has anyone tried the Twilio Plugin and Jitsi? Which is easier.?

Bubble built a Twilio Video Plugin. It didn’t seem that good out of the box. I’m wondering which of these two options is easiest to get live. I’m looking for video chat, recording, and playing video later via bubble.

I would imagine Twillo has a nicer plug-in available with more options because it’s a company that makes a lot of money. On the other hand, jitsi is great and free which often leads to less work being done however that’s not entirely the case when you look at products like Google Chrome or Ubuntu or any other red hat project

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Posting here, too. If you’re looking for a free, non customized version - this plugin is free and great.

@Koo, I’m not sure exactly what you’re after. But, in context yes - Jitsi can host many users on the same video chat. It also does Live Streaming.


That looks great, as it handles the video conferencing. I would definitely try this.