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FREE Zoom Workshop - Direct Help with your app! +Advise/Ideas/Strategy

So i’m starting up a weekly Zoom meeting, just as a free resource for Beginner/Intermediate Bubblers. I remember starting out and the learning curve was steep for me so i thought i’d pass some knowledge along.

So if you’re stuck or need help with something, or if you just want to talk strategy, toss around ideas, etc this is the place for you! - It’s a pretty open concept right now so if you’re interested or even if you need help with something else like marketing your app, just reply or send me a message and we’ll get it going!

  • YES 100% FREE. Period. No signup, nothing. Lets get your app on the road(map)!

Time/Date: Wednesdays @8:30 PM CST for 30mins - 1 Hour depending on the flow :heavy_check_mark:
Zoom Link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Great initiative! :slightly_smiling_face: