Freebie Editing

hello im new to using bubble and came accross the freebie social template…its a powerful tool but im having problems having to edit it to what i want…

how to use and place the elements where and how i want them to appear?..cause they keep on moving shapes and positions in the preview alot different from the way ive placed them in the editor

two types of account?
i want to make available on my app certain features to just a group of users and the not available to other users…

plus are they more video tutorials available that cover quite alot on the functionalities on bubble i have seen tutorials [In-Depth Tutorial: How to Build ANY Type of App Without Code on Bubble] very detailed but does cover as much as i need and ive also seen some certain series from zerocode on youtube.

thanks to the bubble team for such a wonderful platfrom and hope i could get assistance on my project

You’ll need to check the responsive settings. In the design tab, the default sub tab is UI, you’ll want to switch over to the “Responsive” tab to see how elements move based on browser size

You’ll want to add a data field to, most likely, the User data type. Something like “typeOfUser”… that way, you’ll be able to show/hide certain features based on the type of User.

We have a bunch of free/paid tutorials at if you’re interested in diving a little deeper.


Thanks alot just started from the beginer tutorials really comprehensive