Open app for forum questions

One of our users had a great idea and we’d like to experiment something :smile:

We created the ability to make an app visible and editable by anyone that has a Bubble account (see Collaboration tab in settings). Which means that when you ask a question, you can open the app so that people can look at what you did.

We understand that it might be a bit worrisome to have your app editable by everyone, so we created this app

that you’ll be able to access. The way we’d like it work is that you can create a new page when you need to show something, and copy / paste with workflows some parts of your app you need help with (right click menu). That won’t copy data types, so you might need to fix some stuff, but that’ll make helping each other way better. Then you just need to paste the link and people can help :smile:

Let us know what you think!!


My own thoughts are that it’s a good start, for sure. I think I can see how that could work, quite nicely for some/many? But the walkthrough is, in my opinion, the best solution of all, especially for Bubble to grab hold of - and then convert - total newbies. Simplicity is king?

This is brilliant, guys, thanks!

Another suggestion: Have someone create a complete course on Udemy. Price it cheap, but don’t make it free. It will be a small income stream for you guys but more importantly will really help us serious people out!



Some our users have talked about that, it’s still in the work. On our end we’re probably a little bit tight in terms of bandwidth right now, but would be more than happy to help if someone wants to work on this.

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This is something I would be interested in doing :smile:


@NigelG its a good idea. Just make sure that you cover topics or areas that would be important for slightly more advanced users. Because I think all basics should be free. An idea is to cover the basic chapters as FREE chapters and then driving interest for advanced chapters, generating sales for you when users want to take the next step.

Invite some pilot users to gain feedback on your first versions before publishing it to udemy. And make sure you get some kind of approval from @emmanuel and co. so they feel it fits well with the existing content. It would suck if you guys were not aligned and they suddenly release chapters overlapping with yours.

That said, I really think a user should be able to get far with free resources but if Bubble can`t stretch to create more advanced content then this is the next best option.

If you decide to jump in and do it, tell us, do this instructor course and get going :smiley: Good luck!:


Thanks, that sounds like a good place to start.

And my initial thoughts were aligned with your advice, so thanks again.

ditto @NigelG - i’ve sent you a msg

It seems this app is like Wix, but the big issue in these platform is limitation, indeed clients looking for a independent platform to have freedom in use as well as in change.

If I make an app in this platform, how can I ensure that it will work in the future?

Nigel, did you decide to make the course?

@Tommy @emmanuel
I see this course on Udemy by Andew Vega for FREE. Good ratings too.


I am not sure if this needs to go on a sperate thread but helps to test the proposed editable app.

In my application I added a username above email in the standard signup pop window. However when the end user presses tab key when in username field, it doesnot go to the next text field email but randomly goes to other areas. If we keep pressing tab it can be observed that the cursor doesnot move in order.

I have replicated this on the sign-up for here (select username and then press tab on your keyboard). How can this be fixed (The original unedited page works well)

Thanks for the mention. By the way, I plan to keep adding to the course (just uploaded a few more videos on the Udemy Clone). And this course will ALWAYS remain free unless Udemy decides to do something silly like no longer allow free courses or something like that.


Sounds like a great idea, especially if your needing help and someone would like to just show you. They could go to your App and just show you in your exact example. If it can be turned off once the app is live, I think its a great idea!

My friend this is not WIX by any means you are only limited by your imagination.

Look at this article of Cleveroad -
They said that the prices for app development starts at $ 2000! I think it’s unreal for middle-sized company… Another companies starts at $ 6000

this is a good idea

Such a great Sir … Thanks :blush:

Does this only work on a Professional plan and above?