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Freelance Bubble Expert Needed to Set up New App

I need help setting up first version of new app idea. Open to handing project over for freelancer to complete beginning to end; or may request to be trained to do it myself. I’m in N.J. Thank you.

Hi Jennifer – may be able to help. What are you looking to build?

It’s an app for parents.

Hi Jennifer, we have built everything from mobile to full web solutions in Bubble. So whatever you need, I might be very able to deliver it to you. contact me on Skype: jan17392


Is there any reason you don’t want to try to learn bubble to do it yourself?

My website is built w/ Weebly which is VERY EASY to learn.
Bubble seems more confusing.
But what other options do I have for building an app w/out knowing coding?

I think you owe it to yourself to give it a try.
Take a few of the bubble tutorials and watch some of the videos to see what’s involved.
I’m not saying it’s super easy, it is much easier than coding.
If you can drag and drop what you want to build and have an idea of how it should logically fit together then you can get really far with bubble yourself.
Then you can always come for help or get a freelancer for the harder parts.