Freelance help needed - Marketplace site


I’m in the process of launching an online marketplace which will enable the buying and selling of physical goods.

I am hoping to find someone with experience building these kinds of sites who would be interested in bringing my vision and ideas to life with me.

Functionality requirements will be that of most marketplaces:

Sellers are able to list items for sale including specific category fields and features
Buyers can browse and buy
Buyers purchase through platform (PayPal/Stripe)
Commission is charged on each sale
Buyers and sellers can both give feedback on transaction
In app messaging Shipping updates
Product favouriting feature
Email notifications
Admin able to manage and edit settings and data

I’d be interested in speaking with anyone interested and capable in helping.

Best, C

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Hi @callumgammon,

Are you looking for a freelancer to build it out for you OR to help guide you in the process? If it’s the second option… we have tutorials or can help you 1-on-1 with guided sessions at

Also - do let me know if you’re looking for a freelancer to build it out for you. Would be happy to refer you.