Freelancer for shopify integration

I’m having the same issue that this person had: Freelancer for Shopify API Plugin Development

My specific issue is we need to * Implement an HMAC signature to verify webhooks’ For submitting our app for review as a public app in Shopify.

From doing some searching in the forum, it looks like others were able to do this with some custom code and potentially using Hookdeck – this is another thread that talked about our exact issue, but with no clear result: Webhook requires HMAC-SHA256 signature for verification - #33 by MattN

We use @Pathfix for handling the Oauth and everything is working in dev mode, it’s just passing this final check to be able to submit for approval to be listed as a Public App with Shopify. Send me a message if you can help!

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I know how to pass the step.

Was able to do this using

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