Freelancer for Shopify API Plugin Development

Hey Everyone,

I’m looking for a freelance developer to help me develop a Shopify API plugin for Bubble.

This should essentially be a implementation of the Shopify REST API for certain functions to make them accessible from within Bubble.

The key functions the implementation will need to handle are…

  • Login with oAuth
  • Get list of customers
  • Get single customer
  • Get list of orders
  • Get single order
  • Create event webhook subscription for new orders

Excited to get started, let me know if you’re interested!

Have you seen this plugin?

Hey, yes that looks great but unfortunately it only seems to be for where the bubble app creator is the owner of the shopify store. Basically need the same thing but with support for anyone to connect with oauth :slight_smile:

Hi James,
I have in the past worked on some very complex Bubble plugins, and would be happy to help you out on this, as what you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise
You can reach out to me on
Best Wishes,

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Hey Andrew, thanks reaching out, this time I already got someone on the job but let’s keep in touch for future jobs!

@jamesdevonport Looking at their documentation it seems that hostname is embedded inside the element ShopifyAuth.

@ZeroqodeSupport Can you make the hostname dynamic for James?

Small update, I got it working from my side =) Not sure where you’re at with the freelance task but I have the Auth ready to be used for multi-merchant apps.

Just fyi, each app will need to be approved by Shopify.


@nocodeventure Thanks for that, looks great! Thankfully I managed to get some help from a developer to get it all set up in my app and it is working well now.

Happy to answer any questions for anyone else who is integrating Shopify in future :slight_smile:

Just one question, what is the advantage of using the public merchant app method? I think personally it just adds up more friction as each integration will need to be approved by Shopify.

The auth generator I’ve built requests a dynamic key, so it esentially supports both methods.

In my implementation I have a single Shopify App for my app which then multiple stores can authenticate with.

Currently when users sign in with Oauth I can…

Read all their customers
Read all their orders
Create new webhooks so that I am notified of new orders in their account

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Awesome man, sounds great. I’m a bit far into the integration so I will publish a commercial license shortly that allows to sync with Shopify using dynamic keys.

Thanks for your feedback @jamesdevonport

Awesome sounds good, look forward to checking that out.

There is definitely huge potential for building Shopify apps using Bubble from what I have seen so far :slight_smile: