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[FREELANCER NEEDED] - Working on a start-up and would love a Bubbler to get my MVP online!


I began building my start-up’s database using Bubble but have no prior experience and not much time to devote to learning the system (in school right now!). As a result, I’m looking into hiring someone who knows what they’re doing and who could, frankly, probably get this done in a couple of days. This first version is acting as proof of concept so I can collect analytics, refine the design, and have something to pitch.

Please PM me if you’re interested and include your rate. I respond quickly :slight_smile:.

Thank you and have good one!

Hey Spencer,

Have you taken a look at CoBubble MVP? Tons of Bubblers had us scope, design and develop their first product versions for around $2,500. If you’d got little time to get something out but looks great, happy to help.

Take a look at the CoBubble site and click on the MVP link to get in touch.
(or email [email protected], that works too :slight_smile:)

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