Freelancer Required for Job Scheduling Project

Hi all.

I’m looking for a freelancer to help support a project. It’s partly built, but time is becoming an issue, so we need an extra pair of hands!

The platform is a Job Scheduling app, so there are many people who are out on the road doing jobs at properties… the central team puts jobs in their diaries so each user can then see their diary for the day/week and know which properties they need to attend and at what date/time.

Key Skills/Experience we need are:
Desktop and Mobile friendly UI
Dairy Management (creating new appointments in a diary, editing, etc.)
Time/Availability management.

Please comment if you’re interested.
Please also give as much info as you can in terms of:

  • Your hourly rate
  • Experience
  • Link to projects



I sent a private message.

Please check

Hello Rob,
My name is Oyibo Ifechukwu and I’m writing based on the job offer you listed I’m an experienced bubbler and works on 2 projects that are now live with users and more than 20 test projects ill be happy to join your team as a bubble developer and help with the job scheduling project, I’m also available for skill assessments test to measure my proficiency on the platform.

My hourly rate is $50

Here is a link to the last project I worked on

This project is live, and you can also access the live version as well


I have around 2 years of experience on bubble. I have developed some plugins as well . My hourly rate is $60. You can have a look at my projects here :

Hi Rob,
If you are still on the lookout to hire someone, I would be glad to help you out as what you are wanting done is within my skillset
You can reach out to me on my email here

Hi @rob.monkman,

We can absolutely help you with this. Kindly check my DM. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Dropped you a message, awaiting your response.


Reach out me via email: or

My hourly rate is between 35 USD and 50 USD, depending on the number of weekly hours needed to work.

I work for a pre-seed startup called Pangia, Inc., where I am the Development Engineer at: Pangia

Hi @rob.monkman

Hourly Rate: Flexible

Past Experience:

  • Building and designing apps, websites and software for over a decade.

  • Professional Product Designer (Real World)

  • Professional Bubble & Webflow Developer. (Real World)

Link to projects:

I can happily send you my professional software design work. I use to work for a global software company and was the design and product lead.

Current project:


I’d love to potentially get to work with you on this depending on your budget. I’m based in the US. I’ve been wanting to build something similar for another business I’m involved in and am confident in the ability to get it done.

I will DM you now too.